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Commonly referred to as: HD-TVI, HD TVI, TVI, TVI HD

High-Definition Transport Video (HD-TVI) is the latest HD Analog technology introduced. HD-TVI solutions are capable of transmitting zero latency 720p or 1080p HD video over standard coaxial cabling up to 1600’. HD-TVI “tri-brid” recorders are compatible with all analog, all HD-TVI cameras, and supported IP cameras, on any channel and in any configuration.

HD-TVI offers comparable resolution to other HD CCTV formats, a high quality image, is capable of longer transmissions, and is the most flexible option for camera compatibility, hybrid capabilities, and overall configurability.

  • What You Need to Know:HD-TVI offers the best overall performance (resolution, image quality and transmission distance) with the fewest limitations and best overall flexibility – when compared to alternative HD technology formats.
HD-TVI Capabilities
Max Resolution 1080p
Transmission Distance Coaxial Cable (RG59) 1600’
Twisted Pair (CAT5) 700’
DVR Input Compatibility Analog All cameras, on any channel, in any configuration
HD Any HD-TVI camera, on any channel, in any configuration
IP Supported IP cameras, on 2 channels, in any configuration
Standard Protocol(s) N/A, Open Source

HD-TVI Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to 960H Analog, 720p and 1080p HD-TVI cameras
  • Transmits with zero latency over standard coax cabling (smooth motion)
  • Backwards compatible with any analog cameras and standard coaxial cabling
  • Supports longer cable runs for long-distance installations – up to 1600’ over RG59 cables
  • Features digital zoom capabilities in both live and playback mode
  • “Tri-brid” recorder accepts standard definition analog (CIF-960H), HD-TVI (720p & 1080p) and supported IP cameras, on any channel, in any configuration

HD-TVI Limitations

  • Currently limited to 1080p full HD resolution

Comparison: HD-TVI vs. Other HD Analog Formats

  • Superior image quality vs. HD-CVI and AHD
  • Longest transmission distance for all resolutions, on both Coaxial and Twisted Pair Cabling
  • Broadest compatibility w/ analog & HD cameras
  • Most flexibility for DVR channel configuration
  • Only HD format to provide IP camera support on up to 2 channels
  • Currently, HD-TVI is not disadvantaged in any way to other HD Analog formats

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