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AHDAHD CCTV Technology
Commonly referred to as: AHD, Analog HD

Analog High Definition (AHD) is an alternative standard for HD data transmission utilized by security industry chip manufacturers NextChip and Eyenix. AHD solutions are capable of transmitting 720p @ 25-30 fps while minimizing data loss. AHD recorders are compatible with all analog and like-branded AHD cameras, in limited configurations.

AHD currently offers a lower max resolution vs. other HD CCTV formats – at 720p – but is reportedly launching 1080p models in late 2014. However, AHD delivers a lower quality image than both HD-SDI and HD-TVI technology.

The technology is capable of long video transmission distances (inferior only to HD-TVI over twisted pair / CAT5), but is limited in both camera compatibility and configurability – and currently offers no IP camera support.

  • What You Need to Know:AHD meets the promise of delivering HD resolution video over coaxial cable over long transmission distances. However, AHD provides a lower image quality and is limited in both camera compatibility and configuration flexibility
AHD Capabilities
Max Resolution 720p (1080p models reportedly launching in late 2014)
Transmission Distance Coaxial Cable (RG59) 1600’
Twisted Pair (CAT5) 492’
DVR Input Compatibility Analog All cameras, on limited channels, in limited configurations
HD Like-branded AHD cameras, on any channel, in any configuration
Standard Protocol(s) AHD 1.0 (TX and RX)

AHD Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to 960H Analog, 720p AHD cameras
  • Transmits with zero latency over standard coax cabling (smooth motion)
  • Backwards compatible with all analog cameras and standard coaxial cabling
  • Features digital zoom capabilities in both live and playback mode
  • Hybrid recorder accepts select standard definition analog (CIF-960H), and like-branded AHD (720p) cameras, in limited configurations

AHD Limitations

  • Currently limited to 720p full HD resolution
  • Only compatible with like-branded AHD cameras
  • DVR hybrid configurations limited
  • Does not support IP cameras

Comparison: AHD vs. Other HD Analog Formats

  • Longer transmission distances than HD-SDI. Slightly shorter than HD-TVI over twisted pair / CAT5
  • Comparable resolutions, lower image quality
  • Limited flexibility for DVR channel configurations (similar to HD-SDI and HD-CVI, inferior to HD-TVI)
  • No IP camera support (similar to HD-SDI and HD-CVI, inferior to HD-TVI)
  • Comparison: AHD vs. Other HD Analog Formats

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