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HD Analog Overview

HD Analog technology was first introduced to the security industry in 2010, as an alternative to traditional Analog and IP video surveillance. A very promising new technology, HD Analog was able to deliver high-definition video over coaxial cabling (HD over coax), and greatly reduce installation and operational complexity (relative to IP surveillance solutions).

However, the market was slow to adopt HD Analog at the time, as the technology was still unproven, relatively expensive, and the benefits failed to outweigh the switching costs for most security integrators.

Since, the demand - and expectation - for higher definition surveillance video continued to accelerate, fueling the development of more efficient and cost-effective HD Analog technology formats, and significantly driving down total cost of ownership. As a result, HD Analog has become one of the fastest growing categories in the history of video surveillance, and threatens to outpace - and eventually replace - traditional Analog technology sales in the very near future.

HD Analog BenefitsHD Analog Benefits

When compared to traditional Analog or IP technologies, HD Analog offers significant and measurable advantages. In fact, HD Analog is commonly marketed as “the best of both worlds” – offering megapixel resolution images, but the simplicity and cost of Analog.

Key benefits of HD Analog technology include:

  • Megapixel resolution
  • Simple installation
  • Zero latency
  • Low cabling requirements
  • Longer transmission
  • Transition friendly
  • Cost-effective

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When Is HD Analog Right for Your Surveillance Application?

HD Analog is ideal for surveillance applications that require detailed video, such as facial identification and license plate recognition. HD Analog solutions support up to 1080p resolution, and feature the ability to zoom in on live and recorded video for a more detailed view.

HD Analog is a very cost-effective solution for both new and replacement installations – enabling you to utilize legacy analog cameras (dependent upon HD Analog technology employed) and legacy coaxial cabling – saving you valuable installation time and equipment costs.

HD Analog solutions are also ideal for long distance installations, or applications requiring longer cable runs – providing the ability to transmit HD video up to 1600’ with zero latency (dependent upon HD Analog technology employed).

Finally, HD Analog is ideal for Analog system upgrades. HD solutions offer backwards compatibility with existing analog cameras, allowing you to upgrade to a high-definition surveillance solution over time and at your own pace – as your budget allows.

The Future of HD Analog

Without question, HD Analog technology will continue to evolve. Future versions of HD Analog are predicted to provide additional benefits and capabilities, including:

  • Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video – “4K” resolution, or 4000 horizontal pixels
  • Higher frame rates – beyond 30 fps
  • Power over coaxial cable (PoC)

HD Analog is clearly poised to change the landscape of video surveillance. Stay tuned.

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